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RIB Boat A - Work Pro


The Aqualand RIB640A is one of the most versatile light weight rib Inflatable boat used by Dive Clubs And Commercial Users. The Hull of rigid inflatable boat (RHIB) is designed as medium “V “ shape and high lifted bow, which helps to secure remarkable sea keeping properties whilst retaining superb handling and load carrying characteristics.Designed with bow locker , mirror molded out deck with non-slip surface , storage cover in middle ,compact engine mounting bracket with a big hatch, rear transom side mounting platforms , gives multiple choices of console, seating, roll bar arch, Portable gas tank , easy maintenance . it greatly help users to maintain and use of the rib boats.Colors, Layout, seatings, Multi-consoles electronics and engines could be specified .The inflatable boat gives wide range of user options with true off-shore capabilities and dry ride. Ideal for most boating purpose :diving , rescue ,military patrol,law enforcement  as well as commercial use and family fun.


Model RIB640
Over Length(cm) 640cm
Hull Length 560cm
Over Beam(cm) 255cm
Hull Width 210cm
Tube Diameter(cm) 52cm
Air chamber 5
Weight 550kg
Max Payload(kg) 1600kg
Max Persons 12
Max Engine Power((hp)/Transom Height 170hp /25” OR  90HP X 2  20”(50.80cm)
Packing Size 590cm x 240cm x 145cm
Container Loading Capa. 2Units/20GP  4Units/40GP
Certification CE