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Rubber Boat - Foldable


AQL-350 is one of small sized inflatable boat in this range with Portable aluminum deck .The rubber boat is Compact design with deep “V” shape inflatable hull , the boat is Ideal for personal recreations ,as well as widely used in rescue ,military  ,fishing as well family fun.Alternatively ,the inflatable boat can be manufactured from the Hypalon or PVC materials.


Model AQL350
Over Length 3.50m
Beam 1.70m
Inner Length 2.55m
Inner Width 0.80m
Carrying Capacity 6
Floating Tube Diameter 0.44m
Numbers of Air Compartments 3+1
Payload 600kg
Total Weight 75kg
Max Power 15hp
Fabrics Materials 900dtx PVC 0.9mm or 1100dtx Hypalon
Certification CE