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Welcome to Qingdao Aqualand Marine Industries Co., Ltd,
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About Us

Qingdao Aqualand Marine  Co., Ltd is a professionalized manufacturer of wide boating products especially in great range of inflatable boat as well as  Rigid inflatable boat (Rib Boat) from 4.40meters to 12meters in length  , which the  hull bottom alternatively made of both fiberglass and aluminum ,foldable inflatable boat from 2.3meters to 6meters in length and aluminum &fiberglass Boats available dinghy from 5.5meters through to 20meters in length.

Our company is located in Qingdao China, which is one of China’s largest seaport and logistical center with an international air port. This location make us easy to get abundant quality raw materials sourcing from both from domestic and overseas and give us the access to convenient transportation by in-land, sea and air, this also helps us to provide quality boating products at low logistic cost.

Quality Assurance

A single minded focus and commitment is to making our motor boat range the best tool on the water, each and every our  boats are all individually hand-treated in our high attension with the care and precision needed. Spacious and stable our boats are ideal for all boating conditions : fishing , Sports , Rescue ,Military Patrol ,surveillance, Law enforcement, commercial and pleasure purpose boat products.

The boats are made by a specialist team of skilled engineers and workers by strict engineering processes with best materials sourcing from worldwide. Layouts, designs and colors can be specified and built to order. At Aqualand’s Boats ,safety and quality are both a top priority. The fiberglass boats and rib boats(rigid inflatable boats), Inflatable rubber boats are supported by our 2~5years warranty according its materials of tubes and boating purpose, CE Quality guarantee of the our boats to ensure you always have peace of mind and can trust our years of manufacturing experience ,Technology , and extensive products knowledge of boating industries. With quality and pride, Aqualand Marine manufactures boats which are extremely safe and durable , as well keeping high performance in rough seas without sacrificing speed, stability or functionality.

Customer service

At Aqualand Marine Industries, our staffs have the knowledge of efficient sevice of  our customer’s needs. Alternatively, if we do not have exactly boat what you are looking for in our range for any boating purpose- just contact us with your requirements- we have the design and build capabilities to tackle the boat of any size and specifications.